Hassane Mezine

Guest: Hassane Mezine

Born in 1972, Hassan Mezine is a professional photographer with 10 years of experience as an educator in digital photography and multimedia. In 2004 he enriches his technic by participating in the shooting of the movie Algerie Tour, Détours by Leila Morouche and Oriane Brun-Moschetti, and in the company of René Vautier the dauntless anti colonial filmmaker. This experience marks a turn in his work. In 2015, he starts his first documentary Fanon yesterday, today. In 2016, he works as director of photography for Delou, a TV series in 52 episodes made in Niger in Hausa language by Souleymane Mahamane.

In between projects he continues to work on his documentary. In 2018, Hassan has been travelling across France, Europe, north Africa and the French Caribbean and USA to present his documentary Fanon yesterday, today in cinemas, community centres and universities. He receives 2 awards from the Santiago Alvarez film Festival in Cuba for Best Screenplay and 2nd Best directing.


Fanon Yesterday, Today Director

Hassane Mezine links Fanon’s activism and writing with contemporary anti-imperialists struggles in Portugal, France, the USA, Niger, Algeria, South Africa and Palestine

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