DOCi Guests

The Documentary institute of South Africa (DOCi) was established in March 2018 with the aim of running full time, 10 week courses to teach the fundamentals of documentary film-making. The course is both academic and practical, and is devised to enable previously-disadvantaged young people to gain a foothold in this exciting and dynamic industry.

The founders – Michael S. Murphey and Malcolm Kohll – each have over 30 years of commercial film-making experience both in South Africa and internationally. In addition Malcolm was Head of AFDA film school and in charge of Post Graduate productions covering Honours and Masters level films. Monde Kewana supports them in a number of key technical and administrative functions.

The course was run with the generous support of the American Consulate in Cape Town, and hosted at the American Corner at the Central Library.


Michael is a Cape Town-based American feature-film and television producer with over 35 years of experience. His credits include Dredd 3D, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and District 9 which was nominated for Best Picture Oscar at the 2010 Academy Awards. Michael is co-owner with Irfaan Fredericks of Kalahari Film and Media.


Malcolm is South African who studied at Middlesex University and trained at the BBC, working for over 30 years a freelance writer/producer before joining Focus Films where he oversaw 9 international features, including the USD$26M The 51st State starring Samuel L Jackson. In 2014 Malcolm returned to Cape Town to run AFDA film school.

MONDE ANGELYN KAWANA Ad Hoc Lecturer Freelance editor/producer

Monde is a Zambian filmmaker based in Cape Town. She graduated from City Varsity Media in 2013 and has since then ventured on as a producer and editor working with independent filmmakers Benchfilms, and as a producing intern at Kalahari Film and Media. On the Doci Course she lectures and supervises editing and general admin.


Terence is a young local theatre maker with a passion for documentaries. He studied at the Waterfront Theatre School, writing his debut play “Kinders van die Wind”, in his final year. Makapan was part of the Reel Lives documentary training programme in 2017 where he directed his first documentary, The Invisibles.

LOGLINE: Sorry I’m late – We face obstacles everyday of our lives, getting to work should not be one them. This is a documentary about the difficulties of transport in Cape Town from trains to buses to cars. (15 mins)


I came from the DRC to Cape Town to study filmmaking but unfortunately I couldn’t afford the school fees. I  attended Reel Lives classes in 2017 but I didn’t finish the course, so this year I enrolled in the  DOCi program to achieve my dream of making a documentary about Albinism.

LOGLINE: Ndundu (Albino)  – It is not my fault, I am only different by the colour of my skin. This is a documentary about exploring the prejudices and difficulties people with Albinism face in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. (12 mins)


Eemaan – I was born in Cape Town after Apartheid and have lived my whole life guided by the principles of equality and community.  I aim to use those practices throughout my career. As a young entrepreneur and woman, I believe that good actions bring good action, and always aim to be the best at what I do and appreciate those who do their best.

LOGLINE: Nantes to Nantes – Caroline Peters is a powerful voice in the fight against gender-based violence on the Cape Flats.  This is a documentary how she overcame brutal assaults and introduced a physical fitness program to mobilize her community to join her cause. (15 mins)


Azola Ntsukanazo, documentary film student for the Doci program at the American Corners In The Cape. Diretor/producer of Mixed Blessings a documentary about the Blesser and Blessee relationship in SA, the Doci runs for 15 minutes. I’m from a poor background but we manage, I live in Atlantis.

LOGLINE: Mixed Blessings –  Examining the phenomenon of “blessing” in Cape Town – this is a documentary about young women and girls  and the men who can afford to give them a good life in exchange for pleasure. (15 mins)

The films are all unseen and will premiere at the Encounters Festival.

The films are all in post-production and have no specific website links. However, they are all being made under the aegis of DOCi, whose website is