Fanon Yesterday, Today

Fanon hier, aujourd'hui

Festival Santiago Alvarez Festival in Cuba - Best Film, Best Director

Guadeloupe Festival Monde en vue – Nominated

Documentaire Mediterraneen Tunis – Nominated

Taking his point of departure in former French president, Nicholas Sarkozy’s criticized speech in Dakar in 2007 where he claimed that Africa and Africans have yet to insert themselves into world history, French-Algerian filmmaker Hassane Mezine embarks on a journey exploring the memory and legacy of Martiniquan psychiatrist, author and anti-colonial activist Frantz Fanon. Through interviews with activists and scholars – among them Olivier Fanon, Cornel West and Palestinian psychiatrist Samah Jabr – and extracts of Fanon’s seminal texts, the filmmaker links Fanon’s activism and writing with contemporary anti-imperialists struggles in Portugal, France, the USA, Niger, Algeria, South Africa and Palestine. Without reducing or romanticizing, Fanon is evoked, not as a glorified hero of the past, but as a thinker and inspiring doer whose vision of true liberation the interviewees share.


Hassane Mezine Director
Guest: Hassane MezineBorn in 1972, Hassan Mezine is a professional photographer with 10 years of experience as an educator in digital photography and multimedia. In 2004 he enriches his technic by participating in the shooting of the movie Algerie Tour, Détours by Leila Morouche and Oriane Brun-Moschetti, and in the company of…

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SA Premiere Festival Guest African Feature
Cape Town
Fri 7 June / 8.45pm
Wed 12 June / 8.30pm
Sunday 16 June / 2pm
Mon 10 June / 7pm
Thu 13 June / 8.45pm
Original Title:
Fanon hier, aujourd'hui
Hassane Mezine
Algeria, France
87 minutes
English, Arabic, French