Brian Corso

Guest: Brian Corso

Brian Corso has been described by many as a creative visionary. From a young age, Corso has had a passion for filmmaking and dreams of directing. As a businessman, Corso’s career flourished while he built a multi-million dollar finance company in New York City. This success allowed him to turn his dreams of filmmaking into a full-time reality. Corso produced and directed his first feature length documentary, Public Figure, in 2018 which has been selected to multiple international film festivals and has distribution through Gravitas Ventures set for 2019.


Public Figure Director
Public Figure explores the rise of social media influencers and the power they wield in an increasingly online world. Made with honesty but without judgement, the documentary examines the psychological effects of everyday social media use and how it's varied assortment of influencers deal with the fame, money, hate and obsession that comes with being a digital-era star. The result is a nuanced account of the ways in which this new technology has changed the…

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