Public Figure

Impact DOCS - Award of Merit Special Mention: Documentary Feature

Socially Relevant Film Festival (New York City) - Audience Award

Manchester Film Festival

Docs Without Borders Film Festival

Public Figure explores the rise of social media influencers and the power they wield in an increasingly online world. Made with honesty but without judgement, the documentary examines the psychological effects of everyday social media use and how it’s varied assortment of influencers deal with the fame, money, hate and obsession that comes with being a digital-era star. The result is a nuanced account of the ways in which this new technology has changed the world – both for better and for worse – as well as its impact on the lives of the influencers themselves. Comprised mostly of interviews with social media stars with varying degrees of ‘fame’, as well as actress and artist Rose McGowan, who, although already famous by more traditional means, used social media to amplify the #metoo movement, this is a fascinating snapshot of our times.


Bonang Matheba Documentary Subject
Guest: Bonang MathebaBonang Matheba born 25 June 1987 is a South African television personality, radio host and business woman. She rose to fame when she became a presenter in the SABC 1 music show, LIVE (2007-2012), now known as Live Amp. Known for her work ethic, determination and generosity, South African multi…

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Sebastian Tribbie Documentary Subject
Guest: Sebastian TribbieSebastian started his online meme “career” first by working at New York City comedy clubs where he found an interest in making people laugh. At 31 years old he’s built a following of around 90 thousand and continues to post daily memes. Sebastian was one chosen along with 10 others…

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Brian Corso Director
Guest: Brian CorsoBrian Corso has been described by many as a creative visionary. From a young age, Corso has had a passion for filmmaking and dreams of directing. As a businessman, Corso's career flourished while he built a multi-million dollar finance company in New York City. This success allowed him to turn…

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Festival Guest International Feature
Cape Town
Sun 16 June / 7.30pm + Q&A
R'bank 2
Sat 15 June / 8.30pm + Q&A
R'bank 3
Sat 15 June / 7.30pm + Q&A
Brian Corso
66 minutes