The Sound of Masks

Durban Film Mart 2014 - IDFA award for Most Promising Documentary

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This freewheeling short film introduces us to Tabu, an itinerant salesman of aphrodisiacs, who travels to Kinshasa to sell his goods. … Read More »

Mapiko is a traditional masked dance from northern Mozambique that was used as a powerful tool to challenge colonisation and celebrate the victories of the liberation movement. In this visually striking film from Cape Town-based director Sara de Gouveia, compelling storyteller and legendary Mapiko dancer Atanásio Nyusi takes us on a highly personal journey through the country’s past and present – his dancing skills having given him the opportunity to become a professional dancer and avoid fighting in the civil war that followed independence. Made in the form of a conversation with his son Natepo, this intimately observed documentary explores complex themes of identity in modern post-colonial Mozambique, which remains in a state of constant change as the country struggles to exorcise the multiple ghosts of its past.

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Sara CF De Gouveia Director
Born in Lisbon, Sara Gouveia is an award winning filmmaker and photographer living in Cape Town. Her mid-length documentary "Mama Goema" won the award for Best SA Documentary at the TriContinental Film Festival 2011, screened at festivals worldwide and was broadcast on SABC. She was an alumnus of the Durban…

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SA Premiere Festival Guest African Feature
Cape Town
Tue 11 June / 8.30pm + Q&A
Thu 13 June / 6.30pm
Fri 14 June / 7pm
Sara CF de Gouveia
South Africa, Portugal
70 minutes
Portuguese, Makonde