O.R. Tambo The jewel in our crown

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Hidden Queens

This short documentary is imparted with compassion and focuses on the personal story of Thandokazi. … Read More »

This wide-ranging documentary about the life of revered ANC leader Oliver Tambo blends a wealth of archival footage with contemporary interviews with key political figures. The film follows Tambo from his early experiences at Fort Hare University – from which he was expelled for refusing to apologise about a racial incident – to his role as President of the ANC in exile, eventually setting up the negotiations in Lusaka for a free South Africa. The film depicts Tambo as a master diplomat, whose vision and foresight created the network of global alliances that constituted the anti-apartheid movement – the largest solidarity movement in history. While some attention is paid to his personal life, particularly his enduring relationship with his wife Adelaide, the film’s key focus is on Tambo’s role as the “architect of our freedom”.


Dali Tambo Documentary Subject
Dali began his career in film and television in the UK, where he was in exile for 30 years and worked on productions such as Richard Attenborough's ‘Cry Freedom’, and BBC Documentary, ‘Nelson Mandela, In His Own Words’. He returned to South Africa in 1990, and launched his first talk-show,…

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Festival Guest African Feature
Cape Town
Tue 11 June / 8.45pm
Sat 15 June / 5.45pm + Q&A
Sat 8 June / 5.30pm + Q&A
Fri 14 June / 8.45pm + Q&A
Dali Tambo
South Africa
78 minutes