1st: Waves

This film stood out to us as a group, and we selected it as a winner because we were all so inspired by how impactful it was, in such a short amount of time – and seamlessly incorporating a twist (which had us all by surprise!). It also created this wonderful metaphor between the ocean being a safer place in its unpredictability than their realities. Beautifully shot, and great sound design as well.

2nd: Gereza (Hustler)

Firstly, the production value of this film was really great, and it was a well structured edit. We chose it because we really connected to the characters and the way in which their stories were told – we really got to know them, and feel like we were apart of their daily experiences. We also really appreciated the comment on environmental issues, that were made apparent but weren’t didactic in its approach.
Special mention: Scenes from a Dry City
This film is evocative, and excellently made – we all enjoyed the way the film discussed issues of class, while maintaining the core issue in the urgency and importance of caring more for the environment, and the impact of climate change.
Special mention: If We Say That We Are Friends
We appreciated the way in which this story was told – it was a creative approach to a story which was essentially about starting a business, but there was so much more to it than that! It was such an interesting and though provoking way to discuss race and issues around land, and an important film to create dialogue surrounding these topics.
Special mention: Hidden Queens
Another wonderful, very short film with big impact! We loved the fairytale / royalty concept in which the characters were framed, and not one we had seen before – very original and creative. Also great use of music.