Sinalo Jebe

Guest: Sinalo Jebe

Sinalo Jebe born in Alice, Eastern Cape in a village called Nomadolo, grew up loving stories, storytelling and enjoyed reading drama books. In October 2018 she enrolled at the Documentary Institute of South Africa, a 10 week film course where she was able to make a documentary. Sinalo is very passionate about the film industry and is now an intern at Visual Impact.


DOCi Shorts Programme Director
DOCi - Emerging Filmmakers Programme is a community-oriented program designed to reach previously-disadvantaged young people. The course is a full time, fully immersive, programme run over 11 weeks. The aim is to teach an introduction to documentary filmmaking equipping the learners with all of the necessary skills from scripting, camera operation, sound recording and editing to make broadcast-quality 15 minute programmes about issues affecting their lives. The DOCi – Emerging Filmmakers course is a collaboration between…

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