Rebecca Achieng Ajulu-Bushell

Rebecca grew up all over Africa before returning to the UK to pursue sport. After competing at the Commonwealth Games, she quit the Olympic Team to attend Oxford University, graduating with BFA hons. She learnt French whilst living in Paris and worked in communication strategy. She has worked in education at the Saatchi Gallery, the gender department at Oxfam, and as a History of Art tutor. She splits her time between London, Oxford, and her family homes in the Cotswolds and South Africa – continuing with her strategy work whilst running her production company.


Breakfast in Kisumu Director

Shot across 16mm, VHS, DV, and Digital, Breakfast in Kisumu is a personal homage to the 20-year journey of renowned professor and political activist Rok Ajulu. Filmed across 6 countries between Europe and Africa, with a proxy-archival quality, it follows Rok’s account of his struggles as an exiled freedom fighter of the post-colonial, apartheid era.

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