Dan Poole

From performing in the multi-award winning ‘Jerusalem‘ at the Royal Court Theatre, through to ‘Batman‘ and Mike Leigh’s ‘Peterloo‘, Dan is a professional actor and film-maker. As an actor and story-teller he challenged himself to learn new skills to create, shoot and produce his own work. His love for film and socially aware projects has helped to bring many of the most talented of professionals onto his ultra-low budget projects.

Acting aside, he has twenty years as a Director/Producer/Cameraman, working on everything from broadcast TV; HBO, BBC, Discovery, ITV, C4, through to branded content for Nike, MTV, DOLBY and the development of his own work, has enriched his search for new and innovative ways to engage audiences.

His first feature documentary, the award winning ‘Muse of Fire‘, spoke to experts, actors, directors and theatre artists about the contemporary relevance of Shakespeare (aka their fear), in an effort to de-stigmatize the great playwright for the younger generations. The film played at international festivals Inc. Raindance etc., and was aired on BBC TV to over a million people, whilst also winning a number of awards.

He has written and produced a number of short films, dealing with subjects from the loss of a partner, through to depression and PTSD. His last compelling short film, The Loneliest Time, which he wrote, produced and performed in, has been very well received among those in the British and US military, who have struggled with the difficult transition from conflict back to civilian life.

He is currently completing his next documentary ‘The Guardians‘, that follows retired US special Forces soldiers, as they track down those responsible for the largest human sex trafficking network in the world- the film should be completed late 2019.

Having made commercials, music videos and documentary’s, the next project for Dan is a Feature Film, currently at the finance stage. His detailed overview of all aspects of film-making, has made this very important documentary financially viable and hopefully accessible to many. He runs his own production company, Timebomb Pictures with a full slate of work planned, and is a producer at GV Film.

Dan was trained at Mountview Theatre School by Brian Astbury, the founder of ‘The Space‘ theatre; this is where he first heard the stories of this amazing place. Originally approached about the possibility of the film whilst finishing ‘Muse of Fire’, Dan came on board the project a year later in 2012. With a minimal budget it’s never been easy, but in the words of the late great Nelson Mandela, ‘It always seems impossible until it is done’.


The Space Director

The Space tells the story of the theatre and community that gave birth to some of South Africa’s most important writing and acting talents and its most significant works of protest theatre.

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