Bonné de Bod

Bonné is well known as an award winning wildlife television presenter. She has been on South Africa’s popular wildlife and environment programme 50|50 for seven seasons and is also a special correspondent for SABC’s Newsroom. In addition, her series Rhino Blog is on DSTV’s People’s Weather where it is currently ranked the most popular show.

Bonné is also filming STROOP, a documentary feature film on the rhino poaching crisis. Winner of an ATKV Mediaveertjie, Bonné has also been awarded the prestigious Kudu Award for Best Journalist, which she won in recognition of her passionate, balanced reporting on wildlife conservation issues as well as keeping the public updated and informed about environmental issues in South Africa.

Her in-depth knowledge on the rhino poaching crisis from four years filming on the ground and doing undercover work in Asia has led to Bonné facilitating discussions on illegal wildlife trafficking for thevUnited Nations Environmental Programme as well as talks on radio, at film festivals and wildlife symposiums.



Stroop Co-producer/Documentary Subject

In this roller coaster ride between Africa and Asia, two first time filmmakers embed themselves on the front-lines of the rhino species genocide where they are given exclusive access to the war unfolding.

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