Zulu Return

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Fall into the Sky

Black women narrate their experiences of race, colourism, Afrophobia and Xenophobia in this powerful short documentary. … Read More »

The voice of director, gugulethu, over the opening animation and the rest of the documentary gives the impression of a griot, a storyteller who is responsible for maintaining the oral tradition in West African culture. gugulethu and Zulu Return become the griot for the artist, Afrika Bambaataa. The documentary follows the fallen hip hop hero’s spiritual quest to South Africa – the country he spent so much of his life honouring and defending through his music and activism – as he faces the effects of abuse allegations against him in his own life. His trip is unlike most tourist visits as it includes going to a Sangoma; prayer time by the ocean and disturbing graphic footage of a goat sacrificed to the ancestors. We see Afrika Bambaataa search for his ancestral roots to help him grapple with his personal claims of injustice.


gugulethu Director/Producer
gugulethu is a first-time director, who has been working mainly as a producer since making a career change into filmmaking in 2009. She also has experience in shooting and editing. gugulethu produced feature documentary Sonny Rollins Beyond the Notes with director Dick Fontaine for BBC Arena in 2012 about the…

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World Premiere Festival Guest African Feature
Cape Town
Sat 8 June / 8.15pm + Q&A
Fri 14 June / 8.30pm + Q&A (tbc)
Sat 15 June / 11am
Tue 11 June / 9pm
South Africa
93 minutes