Someone To Blame The Ahmed Timol Inquest

On 27 October 1971, the body of South African anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol fell from the 10th floor of John Vorster Square Police Station. In an inquest the following year, his death was ruled a suicide by the magistrate – according to the police, Timol had jumped from the window of room 1026. 46 years later, thanks to the relentless perseverance of Timol’s nephew Imtiaz Cajee, the inquest was reopened in the context of a free, democratic South Africa with an independent judiciary. The film follows the court proceedings, as well as interviewing family members and others involved in the case. Someone To Blame and the case it documents are about more than the Ahmed Timol case, opening the way for justice for the relatives of the scores of other activists who died in police detention during apartheid.


Enver Samuel Director
Guest: Enver SamuelEnver Samuel has studied both practical and theoretical aspects of Film and Television both locally and abroad in England, Australia and Germany.  A scholarship enabled him to obtain a BA in Media Studies - Edith Cowan University, Australia 1990-1993. Enver served on the Film and Publication Board from 1998-2014,  including The National Film & Video…

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SA Premiere Festival Guest African Feature
Sun 16 June / 3pm + Q&A
Enver Samuel
South Africa
54 minutes