My Story Is Yet to be Written

Mon histoire n’est pas encore écrite

Bologna Ritrovato Festival 2017

Festival Mediterranean d’Annaba - in Competition

Algerian Cinematheque 2019

Cairo International Film Festival 2017

Screens with:

Like The Sun

This impressionistic documentary chronicles the obsession of the filmmaker with her mentor, who disappeared from her life several years ago. … Read More »

Africa’s most impressive centre of film, the Algerian Cinematheque, opened its doors in January 1965 at the instigation of Mohammed Moussaoul, who had been active in the FLN during the war of liberation. After being appointed as the Head of the National Cinema Centre, his plan for a cinema-literate Algeria reached untold heights. The Cinematheque under directors such as Ahmed Hocine and the charismatic Boujemaa Kareche, programmed five screenings a day for packed audiences and travelled the programmes throughout Algeria. International directors such as Costa Gavras and Werner Herzog were attracted by the vibrant atmosphere and the development of truly Pan African filmmaking. Algerian filmmakers saw it as their school. For four decades the cinematheque thrived before political changes sent it into decline. Jacqueline Gozland was a habitué of the venue, who left for France when the changes began. This is the film of her return and a love letter to a truly divine centre of cinema worship.

African Feature
Cape Town
Fri 7 June / 6.30pm
Thu 13 June / 8.30pm
Sat 15 June / 5.45pm
Sat 8 June / 5.30pm
Original Title:
Mon histoire n’est pas encore écrite
Jacqueline Gozland
Algeria, France
77 minutes