Jozi Gold

Jozi Gold exposes Johannesburg mines to not be so golden after all. It paints a grim environmental and political picture of South Africa’s abandoned mines which are in disarray, with toxicity levels that are harming communities. The documentary follows Mariette Liefferink, an advisory committee member of the South African Human Rights Commission, as she tries to pressure government and mining companies to confront and fix what they’re responsible for and continue to let occur – acid mine drainage, contamination of cattle and human health, radioactive land and not informing the public of these risks. Her efforts reveal many mining companies’ indifference to the lives they’ve affected while contrasting with the ordinary South Africans who are desperately trying to make a difference- but as Mariette says, “The wheels of justice turn slow.”


Sylvia Vollenhoven Co-director
Guest: Sylvia VollenhovenA writer, award-winning journalist, playwright and filmmaker. In 2019 appointed the University of Johannesburg's first ever Professor of Practice. Commissioned by the Volksoperahuis of Amsterdam to write Krotoa Eva van de Kaap, a play that premiered in the Netherlands to standing ovations before touring South Africa. Her seminal dance drama…

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Frederik Gertten Co-director
Guest: Frederik GerttenFredrik Gertten is an award-winning Swedish director and journalist. His latest works BECOMING ZLATAN (2016), BIKES VS CARS (2015), BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* (2012) and BANANAS!* (2009) have met audiences in over 100 countries and screened at leading festivals. In 1994, Fredrik founded the production company WG Film. He previously…

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World Premiere Festival Guest African Feature
Cape Town
Mon 10 June / 6.30pm
Sun 16 June / 3pm + Q&A
Sat 8 June / 2pm
Wed 5 June / 7pm + Q&A
Sun 9 June / 8pm + Q&A
Sylvia Vollenhoven & Fredrik Gertten
South Africa, Sweden
74 minutes