#Female Pleasure

Thessaloniki Doc FF 2019 - Amnesty International Award Human Rights Section, and WIFT Award

Swiss Film Prize 2019 - Nominee: Best Documentary, Best Film Score, Best Editing

Romy Gala, Austria 2019 - Best Documentary

Locarno Int'l FF 2018 - Premio Zonta Club Award and Nominee: Critics Week Award

Int'l Leipzig Festival of Documentary 2018 - Special Prize of the Interreligious Jury

The Great Controversy of Male domination and Female compliance, as acted out in communities employing quasi-religious reasoning.

5 women from very different backgrounds – Hassidic, Muslim, Shinto, Hindu and Catholic – confront the tenets of their paternalistic societies. Deborah, a Hassidic bride, grabs her son and runs from a community who inform her that it’s better that she had died.Leyla, a Muslim from Sudan, returns to her community to educate the women about the horrors of circumcision (the Cut). Rokudenashiko draws manga of her own vulva to confront her society where festivals venerating the erect penis are commonplace. Vithika reminds her Hindu society, whose Kama Sutra is an ancient text, on the intrinsic nature of female pleasure, and Doris, a Catholic ex-Nun, unveils the climate of rape within Catholic orders. A timely and confrontational piece of work.

Panel Discussion International Feature
Cape Town
Fri 14 June / 8.15pm + PANEL
Tue 11 / 7pm
Barbara Miller
Switzerland, Germany
97 minutes
English, German, Japanese