Dying for Gold

Rapid Lion FF 2019 - Best Documentary

Billed as “the untold story of the making of South Africa”, this devastating documentary explores the numerous ways in which the mining industry was a key force in shaping apartheid South Africa. For more than a century, hundreds of thousands of black men from Sub-Saharan Africa have been leaving their families to dig for gold and produce South Africa’s key source of wealth. Featuring a rich archive of footage from the colonial and apartheid eras, along with interviews with gold miners whose lives have been decimated by silicosis and tuberculosis, the film clearly shows how Southern Africa’s indigenous societies were destroyed in order to create a pool of cheap surplus labour that mined some of the world’s richest deposits of gold at the cheapest possible price.


Richard Pakleppa Co-director
Guest: Richard PakleppaBorn in 1961 in Namibia, Namibian writer, director and producer Richard Pakleppa has directed and produced documentaries and fiction films in Southern Africa since 1990. His work has been screened at international film festivals and broadcast in many countries. He is the winner of the Best Documentary Award of the…

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Catherine Meyburgh Co-director
Guest: Catherine MeyburghCatherine Meyburgh works as director, editor and producer in documentary, fiction films and television. Her work in multi-projection design has been seen at the Met opera, New York, La Scala, Milano amongst many others. She has edited over 30 documentaries which have been broadcast on Arte, Channel 4, BBC -…

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Festival Guest African Feature
Cape Town
Sat 8 June / 2pm + Q&A
Tue 11 June / 6.30pm
Thu 13 June / 8.30pm + Q&A
Fri 14 June / 7pm
Catherine Meyburgh & Richard Pakleppa
South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland
99 minutes
English, Pedi, Sepedi, Northern Sotho, Xhosa