Cape Town’s Beach Calligraher

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Americans, Mongrels & Funky Junkies

South African filmmaker Jo Menell is most well-known for the cult classic, Dick, which featured shots of 1000 penises accompanied by audio commentary from women. The nature of that film, however, belies a rich career in film and … Read More »

Cape Town’s Beach Calligrapher creates visual poetry as we learn about calligrapher and letter artist, Andrew van der Merwe and his art while we watch him create his beach calligraphy. This documentary short shows a sense of play and also misunderstanding about what he does. He enjoys the creation and destruction of his beach calligraphy. His philosophy is an exploration of finding beauty in the temporary.


Neil Shaw Director
Neil Shaw has been producing documentaries and tv inserts from every region of Africa since 1999 working with broadcasters such as AL Jazeera and Mnet, The ASSOCIATED Press news agency and the UNITED NATIONS.

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World Premiere Festival Guest African Short
Cape Town
Fri 14 June / 6.15pm + Q&A
Neil Shaw
South Africa
11 minutes
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